Fat Loss Factor Review – is it just another gimmick diet?

The Fat Loss Factor diet works if you work it. We bought it and review it here. This is a solid diet that has one quirk to it that surprised me.

Fat Loss Factor Review

The Fat Loss Factor is a diet, exercise and attitude program by Dr. Michael Allen and his wife Lori Allen

Here is my Fat Loss Factor Review (I own it and I promise you it works!)

My Overall Rating:
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I wanted to find a diet that did not include me taking a ton of vitamins and powders and other substances that are not regulated. I had given up and accepted the fact that I wouldn’t lose 15 pounds in a month or drink a shake and cross my finger and see any results. I gave up. Losing weight was going to be natural, take some effort on my part and I needed real guidance. I was tired of two week wonders and then giving up because the diets themselves were unrealistic (not me).

The Fat Loss Factor, by Michael and Lori Allen, has been a lifesaver and helped prevent another demoralizing failure. I found the Fat Loss Factor Program from surfing the web and coming across some positive comments about it. I was encouraged by the fact that there were not all sorts of powders involved and “proprietary” vitamins involved and the diet part of it was all-natural. The people talking about seemed to have achieved rational results with normal effort.

Basically the Fat Loss Factor seemed like a diet and exercise program for sane people. Anyway, I ended up buying it taking comfort in the fact that the Fat Loss Factor had a full 60 day money back guarantee. I achieved some real results and was not overwhelmed by being “on a diet” but let me tell you something about how the Fat Loss Factor Book.

Sample Chapter of Fat Loss Factor PDF Below

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The book is based on simple principles that are:

Detoxifying Your Body Naturally
Eating Tasty Fat Burning Foods
Doing Exercises that Burn Fat
Adjusting Your Attitude – the process of losing weight and feeling good is not a bad one

Fat Loss Factor walks you through every step clearly and concisely – there are no long boring asides. The authors want you taking action and not bogged down in a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about this protein or that carbohydrate. If you are like me then you may be a bit skeptical because you may think “I do not need a book to tell me to eat well and exercise regularly”… but I found that having a program laid out for me with each block of it laid in easy steps that … nevermind – I lost a lot of weight, have energy and just feel great -so if you can do that on your own then “just do it” because I needed help. I have no regrets about buying the Fat Loss Factor Program.

Achieving weight loss with the Fat Loss Factor did not require a total lifestyle change and time consuming exercise. The exercise portion of the program is based on burst intervals that bring about muscle fatigue (fat burning muscle fatigue) in very short periods of time. The exercises can be scaled to your fitness level and there is not a one size fits all mentality. The authors of Fat Loss Factor understand that you are overweight and out of shape and don’t expect you to hit the gym for two hours a day.

The part of the program I was most worried about was the two week detox. Most of my worry was simple ignorance. I just envisioned myself starving and being a raving lunatic as I munched on a single spinach leaf. But the process is explained and though it was a challenge let me tell you I felt GREAT!! I was amazed that I was not starving but actually revved up during the day and sleeping well all while my body was going through a cleanse. The Fat Loss Factor Cleanse set the foundation for the next few weeks where I started to lose some serious weight without really feeling like I was trying. Dr. Michael Allen is smart in that what you are doing is turning into a fat burning furnace without really being aware of it.

The cleanse and the rest of the food specific part of the program was easy to follow. Grocery lists are provided, recipes are simple and there is not crazy calorie counting and all that obsession. Just buy the natural ingredients and prepare them (10 minutes or less), enjoy them and go about your day.

The diet will give you a total change in your body and body image in a matter of six to eight weeks.

If you want a sensible, safe and realistic fat loss program then you need to get the Fat Loss Factor

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